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Quote: 'Believing in yourself is the best inspiration there is.'

-I don't take requests unless a opened journal.
Well, fuck my life. Why can't DA perma ban his fucking IP adress? He already got banned twice, and now again? Going to keep sending out those tickets to the staff. And I probably leave. Sorry guys.

LAST UPDATE: It seems that all is fixed. His account is banned, and he can't make accounts here on Deviantart under his ID. All thank you SO much for the problem to be solved so quickly, I really apperciate it! This also means I won't leave!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am thinking about leaving this account and either move to Facebook or a new account. I do NOT want to leave all my hard work for one stalker. If it comes this far, I will let you all know with the last update about my work and the commissions.

EDIT: I got 4 death threats now, all about i need to kill myself...  It's going insane. I want to ask not to go on his profile and death threat him,but please: Just report him to the staff. Or atleast talk to him in a Note or on his profile page. On both accounts. I want this to be stopped, and I want that account to be banned.

The proofs it's him:
1. He is the only one who knows that that photo is from me.
2. He Always opens emails with lame titles, and starts with Heya and end with Kind Regards and his name under it.
3. He joined today....Sounds as a good enough proof?

EDIT 2: If that duplicate page, the Kartarna will not be deleted, I deactivate for sure. Sorry,but I see no way out anymore.

OKAY  HOW the FUCK does this bitch got a profile photo of me, on HER page?! Seriously! But I guess it's Niko! He/She spams me on my art right now. Fucking asshole. One more thing and i deactivate  for sure!


REALLY?! Man, I really feel being harrassed, I really feel NOT even safe anymore for him!

What happend? Well, I will explain.

It just started with that he was chatting with me, and he acted like a friend. He asked for my Facebook,and I just gave it. Simple, because he was a friend.

After a week or so,he started calling me his 'girlfriend', and re-posted photo's I had on my Facebook with writen under it 'My girlfriend.'

I told him to remove it,and to leave me alone. I had him on my Battletag and from there he was sending me messages I was 'Engaged to him for two months' and 'I'm going to marry you when I visit you.'
I couldn't handle that - HELL, he's 20! What the FUCK do I need with an asshole who I don't even KNOW?!-So I removed him. Everything solved, I thought.
I blocked him on Facebook aswell - He had two accounts, so I thought that was over too- but no.

Ingame he made multiple accounts, I blocked him. I ignored him on all known characters, so I had a little rest for a while.

But NO. He made an account here,and made an journal about me.

I feel  harassed, I feel unsafe, I am in the stress because of him, in the middle of my college applications. I am crying right now,because I want him to stop,but he doesn't. He keeps going, and it seems there is no way to bring some sense in his damn brain.

I don't know what to do. I don't want to hide my art or disable comments because of one person. And yes, I blocked him but that doesn't stop him from posting journals.

Help apperciated ASAP. If this contuines the only way I see is deactivating.
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Extidra Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Thought you might be interested, since I saw your discussion under one of her traced pics.… in case you encountered her other profiles too...
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Thank you for the information. Will check on the updates. :3
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Thanks for being apart of this.
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